The Cube Gallery


The Cube Gallery is the best kept secret in the art world.Referred to as ‘delicate space’ by its designer, Sunny Singh, an architect and artist of international reputation, the Cube Gallery defies easy comparisons.

Located in the sleepy village of Moira, the lines of the building are bold, almost severe, yet the overall impression is one of Zen, of energy flowing rather than stagnating in cold pockets of austerity. The interplay of light and shadow allows a certain ambiguity to creep in, the building appearing both momentous and incredibly personal, depending on time of day, or point of view. This is no accident; one of the most extraordinary aspects of the Cube Gallery is its multi-dimensional nature. It serves as exhibition hall, workshop, soundboard, and creative nerve centre for a growing community of artists, both new and mid-career, and by so doing it has managed to find the intersecting points between secular and sacred traditions, drawing upon forces as divergent as theatre, sculpture, music, and design, and distilling them into works of art that breathe and fume and chomp at the metaphorical bit.

Not content to serve as a mere showcase for finished works, The Cube provides a nurturing environment for artists and designers who are determined to bring something new to their fields but otherwise lack the means to do so. They are encouraged to test new theories, to learn new techniques, or fine tune old ones, in fact this approach is fundamental to the Cube’s core philosophy, that art should give form to new ideas, rather than simply reaffirm existing ones.