21 x 18 “Acrylic & airbrush with resin on canvas
Sharbani Das Gupta

Sharbani Das Gupta completed school in Kolkata and graduated in Visual Com-munications from the National Institute of Design. She studied clay at the Golden Bridge Pottery in Pondicherry and was studio assistant at the porcelain studio in the University of New Mexico. She has exhibited in India, UK, China, Greece, Australia and the US.

Her work is in the sculpture garden at the Hyatt, Chennai. She has been featured in Ceramics Art and Perception (CAP) and Ceramics Ireland and has shown and presented at several NCECA conferences and at the Austra-lian Triennale in Canberra this year. She has also written for CAP, Ceramics Ireland, New Ceramics, Art India and the Dao magazine. At NCECA 2013 she curated Naturalization, and was co-curator for Traditions Evolving. She has been an Artist-in-Residence at the Houston Center for Contem-porary Craft and at the Skopelos Art Foundation, Greece. In 2013 she was a member of the delegation of contemporary Indian ceramic artists at the FLICAM museum, Fuping. In 2014 she participated in a residency in Naori, South Korea. In 2015 she was in a two person show ‘Terra Firma sponsored by the Brown-India Foundation and also showed at Santa Fe Clay and the Las Cruces Museum of Art.

Ceramic Specrtum – Drift Series
Ceramic Specrtum – Drift Series
Ceramic Specrtum – Drift Series
Ceramic Specrtum – Drift Series
21 January 2016 - 21 February 2016
The artists in the Ceramic Spectrum 2016 have varied approaches to clay — the basic material of all ceramic production. While some develop the vessel form, others explore new ideas. The inspiration, content and the context within which they locate themselves are wide-rang-ing, reflecting their individual aesthetic concerns.