21 x 18 “Acrylic & airbrush with resin on canvas
Jayshree Savani

For Artist Jayshree Savani, Abstraction is the form of introspection. Her paintings are a celebration of bright colours used as a portrayal of mankind’s inner joy and their inherent emotion of love.

She strongly believes in the theory of our Universe being a Hologram, where every action and emotion causes reverberation, a sound from deep within, an echo from the soul.

She explains, «I paint from ideas and thoughts that come from deep within me. It is my quest to understand the unique power, the power and energy that every living being possess.»

She further adds, «I try to feel the inherent inner vibrations present in all natural phenomena. My works exist in this infinite space where the natural & organic forms float in bondless seamless harmony.»

She adds, «In my recent works I have tried to follow & trace the subtle forms of energy which are marked by delicate nudges of colours and textures and a rhythmic play of light and shade.»

Through her works, its her humble effort to make her inner voice — her Reverberance of wanting to merge with the core,heard and felt.

10 October 2021 - 21 December 2021
+ Art