21 x 18 “Acrylic & airbrush with resin on canvas
Adil Writer

The epic Mahabharata refers to the area now known as Goa as Govarashtra, «a nation of cowherds». Today, Goa would conjure up images of blue sides, sandy beaches, tour-guides, religion and raves. For this show, I take my cube stacks, the Architect of Immortality’ series, to the wall. I combine ceramic cubes with canvases liberally doused with acrylic paints, held together with kilos of unfired clay, sand and grog. The resultant painted surfaces show the hint of clay. Drawings, text and scribbles in my work this time, feature the poetry and cartoons of Goan icons, Mario Miranda and Manohar Sardesai. Works on show are wood-soda fired at Mandala Pottery. Ah! Soda! Another indelible Goan image!

Adil Writer is a Bombay architect who moved to Pondicherry in 1998 to study ceramics at Golden Bridge Pottery. He is now a partner at Mandala Pottery in the international community of Auroville where he strikes a fine balance between making functional tableware and his own studio ceramics. He exhibits his paintings and ceramic works internationally. Writer is a member of the International Academy of Ceramics, Geneva.

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Ceramic Specrtum – Crusade
Ceramic Specrtum – Architects of Immortality
14 January 2017 - 22 February 2017
Adil’s ceramic gateposts are fissured, arthritic, gnarled by time and glacial with age; it lends them a powerful sense of nostalgia, from a certain angle they appear solid as any other object, but a subtle shift of light, a change in mood or perspective, and suddenly they seem whimsical as dreams.
21 January 2016 - 21 February 2016
The artists in the Ceramic Spectrum 2016 have varied approaches to clay — the basic material of all ceramic production. While some develop the vessel form, others explore new ideas. The inspiration, content and the context within which they locate themselves are wide-rang-ing, reflecting their individual aesthetic concerns.